Do you want to stop walking on eggshells and let go of the daily battles? 

Learn how to find ease and joy in your family life from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with the Low Demand Parenting Virtual Summit! 

Learn from a diverse community of wise guides and experts to transform your parenting approach. Reduce expectations, align with your child's capacity, and proactively meet your own needs, all without battles or tiptoeing.

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Meet Your Host

Amanda Diekman is a parent coach and author in the neurodiversity space. Amanda became a leading voice in the movement for low demand parenting practices, with her book Low Demand Parenting published in 2023. Amanda runs a successful coaching practice for parents of neurodivergent children including online courses and a vibrant membership community. She is a late-diagnosed autistic adult with a Pervasive Drive for Autonomy (PDA) profile, and lives with her spouse and three neurodivergent children in an intentional community in Durham, NC.

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Featuring some of the most influential speakers in the industry

Meet the Speakers


Alesha Thomas

Navigating Disability and Parenthood

Founder, Adaptive Parent Project, Disability Advocate

Ambreia Meadows-Fernandez

Rejecting Martyrdom

Motherhood Scholar, Writer at FreeBlackMotherhood, ND adult

Amelia Nagoski

Unpacking Autistic Burnout

Co-Author, Burnout, autistic adult, Assistant Professor of Music and Conductor


Aneidys Reyes

Low Demand Parenting Journey

Non-binary, full-time dad of two, Marriage and Family Therapist


Brook Madera

Low Demand Parenting 101

PDA adult, single parent, founder of "NoPressurePDA"

Carolina Ramirez

From Fix-It to Acceptance

Neurodivergent Latina licensed therapist and parent coach

Cheryl Quimba

Accommodations and Exposures with OCD

Parenting coach with decades of study and personal experience with OCD and Scrupulosity

Dayna Abraham

Supporting Kids in Crisis

Author, Calm the Chaos, ADHD adult, educator, blogger at "Lemon Lime Adventures"

Emma Svanberg

Reimagining Parenthood

Author, Parenting for Humans, Clinical Psychologist, writer at "Mumologist"

Iris Chen

Navigating High-Demand Cultures

Author and Founder of the "Untigering" movement, peaceful parenting advocate, Certified Parent Coach.

Jaya Ramesh

Raising ND Children of Color

Co-Author, Parenting at the Intersections, Psychotherapist, ND Indian immigrant

Jeff Parrott

How One Dad Does Low Demand

Engineer-turned unschooling dad, full-time parent

Keischa Pruden

Confident & Supported School Advocacy

Psychotherapist, Advocate, Author, Walking with Moo, Aaron and Me

Lindsay and Daryl Flannagan

Partnering & Parenting with a PDA Spouse

Lindsay is a therapist, parent coach and author at "LindsayIsDoingHerBest." Daryl is a late-diagnosed PDA autistic adult.

Marni Kammersell

Live Session: Unschooling through a Neurodiversity Paradigm

Autistic educator, parent, and educational researcher, writer at 'Wandering Brightly'

Robyn Gobbel

Talking to Kids About Their Brains

Author, Raising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors, Podcast host, "The Baffling Behavior Show," therapist.

Melissa Neff

Neuroplasticity & Neurodiversity

Clinical Psychologist, educator,  author, runs a neurofeedback clinic in Montana

Priya Saaral

Raising ND Children of Color

Co-Author, Parenting at the Intersections, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist

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Hey there, my friend.

Do you walk on eggshells to avoid triggering your explosive kid?

Are you trying to understand or serve demand-sensitive kids or adults?

Are you stuck between ultimatums and endless pressure to be calm?

How would you feel if you could let go and find ease in your dynamic?

You are not a bad parent.

 You are not stuck endlessly battling or giving in. You are not a weak parent raising a spoiled kid. You are courageously connecting and attuning to your child's capacity, so you can finally find ease and joy in your family life.

Here's a taste of what you'll discover in the on-demand pass for the Low Demand Parenting Summit.


01. What brain science teaches us about children's needs for felt-safety

02. How our intersecting identities complicate the way we approach dropping demands

03. Ways to get our needs met while parenting high-needs kids

04. Key steps to heal from burnout and parental trauma

05. How to advocate for low demand in schools


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What's Included:

  • Watch and re-watch¬†all summit talks, interviews, and¬†events - audio and video - available on-demand through the end of 2024 ($450 value)
  • Content available with multiple access methods -- video with captions, audio, downloadable transcripts ($129 value)
  • Summit Workbook with printable worksheets ($49 value)
  • Recommended Book List ($15 value)


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    All-Access Pass: $87

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04. Take Advantage of All the Accessibility Features

Use closed captioning, control video playback speed, listen like a podcast, read transcripts, go deeper with journaling prompts. There are so many ways to learn for all types of brains at the Low Demand Summit!

What is "low-demand parenting"?


Low-demand is a nervous-system attuned method to increase felt-safety by dropping demands and responding to needs, without judgment, so we can all thrive.

In simpler words, it's all about release. Letting go of what isn't really working, so we can embrace what is: trust, connection and safety.

Release for our kids from neurotypical expectations and "should's" and external judgments and behavior plans.

Release for us from shame and hustle and judgmental stares and proving we're good parents.

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What To Expect... 

‚ěē 18 targeted teachings that relate to your real, daily struggles


‚ěē¬†Practical tips to end the battles and shift toward collaborative, respect-filled parenting


‚ěē¬†A focus on intersectionality and complexity, two topics often missing from parenting conversations

Why join the Low Demand Parenting Summit?


Ease and Joy

Let things go and embrace the relief and release it brings into your daily life.

A Fresh Take

You've heard the same advice a million times, and if it worked for your kid, wouldn't that be awesome?? Maybe it's time for something new.

It's Shame-Free

We're not about blaming parents (or kids...or anyone!). There's zero shaming here.


Sometimes our parenting journey involves more than a few bumps in the road. If you've been through trauma, this approach can honor your story.

Lighter Load

This isn’t one more thing you have to do but a new way of doing life and parenting.


Bring connection into your parenting with genuine respect and collaboration with your children.



Watch, listen, and read (as many times as you want!) through the end of 2024.

 What's Included: 

  • Access to the 18 Summit talk recordings ($450 value)
  • Content available with multiple access methods -- video with captions, audio, downloadable transcripts ($129 value)
  • Summit Workbook with worksheets ($47 value)
  • Recommended Book List ($15 value)

TOTAL: $641


All-Access Pass: $87


Purchase the All-Access Pass for only $87



If you're a therapist, coach, behavior analyst, or professional in serving kids and families with chronic dysregulation, this summit is FOR YOU!

  • Do you give families fantastic homework or targeted suggestions, only to have them not follow your advice week after week?
  • Are the parents you serve exhausted, burned out, and demoralized by the challenges of parenting?
  • Are you hearing everywhere about the "PDA profile" of autism, but you can't find any reliable, concrete information on how to shift your approach?
  • Are you dreaming of training that is based on BOTH cutting-edge research and substantive lived experience from the¬†neurodivergent community?

Grab your free seat for the summit, or even better, have your organization purchase the PROFESSIONAL ALL-ACCESS PASS!


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Do you want to find ease and joy in your parenting life?

Learn how to attune and connect from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with the Low Demand Parenting Summit!