Dropping Demands, Restoring Calm, and Finding Connection With Your Uniquely Wired Child


Discover a powerful guide that will revolutionize your parenting journey with 'Low-Demand Parenting.' Written by the creator of the groundbreaking Low-Demand approach and a respected advocate in the parenting sphere, this book is your ultimate companion on the path to nurturing strong, connected relationships with your children.



Low-Demand Parenting 

Dropping Demands, Restoring Calm, and Finding Connection With Your Uniquely Wired Child

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Low-Demand Parenting 

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Low-Demand Parenting 

Parent to neurodivergent children and autistic adult, Amanda Diekman outlines a parenting approach that finally lowers the bar for the whole family, enabling the equilibrium of the home to be restored.


Low-demand parenting allows you to drop the demands and expectations that are making family life impossible and embrace the joyful freedom of living life with low demands. Full of practical resources and scripts that are easy to implement in busy everyday life, this book is your flashlight and your map to parenting your uniquely wired child. It will not tell you where to go, but it will help you find your way so you and your family thrive.

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This book is a love letter to exhausted, overwhelmed parents everywhere.


At our low point, I was suffering from PTSD from my parenting journey. I had multiple kids in crisis in the midst of a global pandemic. We were deep in the darkness.

I wrote this book to people in that dark place. There is a path forward to healing, wholeness, joy, and connection. You can learn to meet your own needs without asking too much of your struggling child. You can support your vulnerable kid without punishments, rewards, endless compromising, or power battles. You can experience ease and joy in your parenting life.

It's the low-demand way.

This book is readable, practical, walking you through the approach step-by-step with 30 pages of resources at the back so you can apply what you've learned.


If you've read all the parenting books, and the advice sounds good, but nothing works for your kid, this book is for you.


If you've started to blame yourself, to believe that it's your fault for not being consistent, calm or in control enough, this book is for you.


If your needs as a parent are always ignored by experts and teachers, if you feel like you're always giving without any support for you in return, this book is for you.

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