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Discover how tailored coaching with our Low Demand Coaching Team can empower you and your family:



Gain deep insights into your child’s unique neurodivergent profile, learning to work with their natural tendencies rather than against them.



Move from managing behaviors to nurturing your child’s emotional and neurological well-being.



Receive wise guidance on navigating tricky family or school situations with confidence and compassion.



Learn how to communicate your child’s needs and your low demand parenting strategy effectively with family, schools, and health professionals.



Our coaching offers a safe, understanding environment for you to explore your own emotions and challenges as a caregiver. Co-parents are welcome to join coaching calls together or individually.

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I'm Amanda.


Hourly Rate: $225/session

Availability: Currently full, not taking new clients


Amanda, the founder of Low Demand Amanda, brings her deep expertise and compassionate approach to every session. While she is not currently taking new clients, her methods, philosophy, and practical tools permeate all aspects of our coaching services.



I'm Keema.


Hourly Rate: $140/session, or 3-month packages

Availability: Accepting New Clients!

Monday-Friday, 1-3pm eastern (New York time)


Keema Waterfield is a dynamic addition to our team, offering her extensive experience as a parent, author, musician, and coach. Keema specializes in creating supportive, low-demand environments for families navigating the complexities of neurodivergence, including anxiety, disability, autism, and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Her approach is deeply informed by her own journey as a neurodivergent parent of neurodiverse children, making her uniquely attuned to the nuances of these experiences.

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You’ll finally have the full support you need to turn
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What We Offer:



Personalized Coaching


Each session is customized to meet the specific needs of your family. Whether you’re dealing with daily challenges or long-term strategies, our coaching is designed to adapt and evolve with your family’s journey.

Expertise in Neurodivergence

With a focus on autism, PDA, anxiety, and disability, our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to help you understand and support your child’s unique needs.

Support for Caregiver Burnout

We recognize the intense demands placed on caregivers. Our coaching offers strategies to help you come back to life, so you have enough inside to provide the intensive support your family needs.

Practical Resources and Tools

From practical worksheets to in-depth training videos, our coaching includes a variety of resources to reinforce your learning and application of low-demand strategies.

From Toddlers to Teens

Low demand is more about the strategy and the parenting approach than it is about a particular age or life-stage. This coaching will help if you're seeking support with toileting or transitions or social dynamics and school truancy.


Coaching Packages


Pay As You Go

Select the number of coaching sessions that you need now, or buy them one at a time.




Deep Waters Package

Get nine coaching sessions spread over 3 months to get support when you're in deep. Only 4 "Deep Waters Packages" are currently being offered by Keema Waterfield.



Hi, I’m Keema.

I’m an author, musician, and sometimes stand-up comic making a mid-life pivot in support of my two incredible neurodiverse kids who are 8 and 5. Now I’m dropping demands left and right, and bringing my creative skills to parent coaching, where I specialize in supporting families with a PDA child or teen seeking clarity on low demand parenting as they pursue safety and ease in their household.

I’m neurodivergent by way of early childhood trauma, and I’ve always instinctively been a child-led parent. I believe every kid is a good kid worthy of safety, security, and belonging. That behind every behavior, there is a cause. Still, I struggled to find the root “why” beneath my youngest child’s arousal patterns. His nicknames as a toddler were The Screaming Goat and Destructobot, because of the path of high-volume destruction he left behind him as he tore through the house every waking minute that he wasn’t held or nursed.

I knew in my bones that my son’s behavior wasn’t a “toddler thing.” Not a phase, not a failure to understand the word “no” or follow rules, not caused by pandemic isolation or failed attachment, and not gendered (I heard all of that, and more). Still, three separate preschools said he couldn’t be autistic when I asked for an evaluation. “Look at his eye contact,” they said. “His incredible language skills, how deftly he manages himself on the playground when things are going his way!” 

Eventually, I found a neurodiversity-affirming therapist who saw what I saw: a delightfully impish, wildly self-determined, highly sensory seeking child who’s escalating panic attacks after only 8 hours a week of Special Education preschool were impacting his basic needs. Especially sleeping, eating, and toileting. They recognized that he was still growing into his autistic traits, and that no amount of body doubling or gentle transitioning was enough to get my son through even two hours of preschool play without needing to come home and decompress by trying to break everything in sight. Toys, instruments, sister’s art projects, often just my arm.

In seven words that therapist saved all our lives: Autism with a Pathological Demand Avoidance profile. 

What a life-changing thing it is to finally have language for our challenges after years of searching. 

Despite our luck with that therapist and those seven words, my son went into autistic burnout two months later, at the end of his first full year of extremely part-time preschool. I couldn’t get the world on board fast enough to support him and the rest of my family, and I went into caregiver burnout right along with him. It was both easy to see that school wasn’t a fit, and hard to accept that school might never be a fit, and that I needed to drop my career and creative pursuits to keep him home for good. We’ve since healed from burnout together and found our way into a new groove that allows us to flex and grow while continuing to steer ourselves toward that safe, secure belonging.

I’m committed to helping other families find safety, security, and belonging, and to help you get your world on board to support you and your family much faster than I did. We can work together to better understand your child’s unique expression of PDA, collect data around your PDAer’s threshold of tolerance, walk through burnout and recovery for your child and you, identify your household’s stickiest demands and get creative about dropping them, craft declarative language scripts specific to your household, support siblings and partners, brainstorm cooperative and parallel play opportunities for engagement (yes, I can even give you a primer on Minecraft, Roblox and YouTuber speak if this is a challenging area for you), or create a practical bridge to invite family and caregivers into your PDAer’s world. This is also a safe space to grieve, connect, weigh your cost/benefit decisions, and wonder aloud. I welcome all neurotypes, genders, cultures and partners. 

This is your ship. You point us where you want to go, and I’ll stir up a gentle wind and flowing seas to help you navigate these deep waters.


Invest in coaching with Keema

“Tears are literally streaming down my face. This life is so hard. It is so easy to forget that we, as the parent, have needs too. I love the way you give us permission to not have to be super parent every minute of every day. I also love how you explain that by taking care of ourselves we really are taking care of our kids. Many people give the “air mask on the plane“ scenario, but you really make it real.” 


Coaching Specifics


Duration: Each individual session lasts 45-minutes. The Deep Waters Package spans over three months, offering a structured yet flexible timeline that fits into your family's life.


Pricing: Individual sessions are $140/session. The comprehensive Deep Waters Package is $997, spread over three monthly payments, which is 30% off the price of buying the sessions a la carte.


NDIS/Grants: Invoices for NDIS funding for Australian participants is available! If you have access to private, governmental, or grant funds, and we can help submit documentation, please let us know! Email [email protected].


Accessibility: Each session is conducted on a private portal, ensuring confidentiality and comfort from your own home.


Flexibility: Sessions are designed to adapt to the evolving needs of your family, making every meeting relevant and impactful.


Supportive Materials: You will have access to session notes and exclusive resources that complement your coaching experience.


Parenting Partners: We honor all types of families and welcome co-parents and parenting partners to join calls together.

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“Our turning point is not when we hit rock bottom.
It’s when we stop suffering in silence.”

Amanda Diekman, The Low Demand Parenting Method
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