You deserve ease and joy.


I help exhausted parents of kids with challenging behaviors to drop demands and create calm so you can embrace your kids with radical acceptance.


You deserve ease and joy.


I help exhausted parents of kids with challenging behaviors to drop demands and align expectations so you can embrace your kids with radical acceptance.

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Low demand parenting means dropping demands and reducing expectations in order to meet our kids with radical acceptance. Explore these free starting points for your low-demand journey:



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Hi, I'm Amanda.


I am an ordained pastor, Duke graduate, low-key woodworker, one-time National Trampoline Champ (yep, you read that right), Mama to 3 amazing kids, PPTSD survivor, and late diagnosed PDA Autistic.

After many soul-crushing years parenting with no roadmap, I was desperate for relief. Conventional parenting tactics didn’t work (and made things much worse), so I decided I would create what I needed around trusting my kids and embracing all of us with radical acceptance.

And that’s how The Low Demand Method was born! I do not come from a place of "I've got it all figured out." Instead, I'm in the trenches with you, living this life and discovering more about its contours every day.

Low demand is not about doing things the way I do them. It is about finding your own unique path that honors what matters most to you, embraces your particular child just as they are, and points you toward the flourishing relationship you long for.


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“Amanda’s work helped me to see how I needed to care for MYSELF.
That I‚Äôm not broken, lazy, or incompetent ‚ÄĒ just different. If I could write a thousand testimonials for her, I would."


Lindsay B.

Build your low demand life


Whether it's the one-time course, supportive community, personalized coaching, or the immersive Mastermind, your transformative journey into low demand starts here.





Intensive, supportive 8-week online course and group coaching program, where we dive deep into low demand parenting principles and how to apply them to your life. 






Our compassionate coaches bring volumes of lived-experience to help you find your own wisdom and your unique path forward. Choose one session or a package.






The Connection Collective is not just a membership community; it's a haven designed for parents like you, navigating the complexities of raising uniquely wired kids. 






Unleash the vibrant, joyful you with our 6-month immersive small community of 10 like-minded women, seeking soulful growth and deep connection.


"Amanda's presence is a healing balm after months of trauma for our family. She's like a close friend that sits with you in the mess - the mess of your house, the mess of your family trying to hold it together, and the complicated tangle of strategies you've tried so far.
And she gets it - because she's been there, and in many ways still is there.
Low Demand is not the finish line.
It's a constant mess-up-and-repair way of living that makes you feel more free as you let go of shame, shed all the "shoulds," and create space for connection and healing with the family you love so fiercely.


Jess M.

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