A Prayer for Getting My Child A Glass of Water

spirituality Sep 10, 2022

He could do it himself.  

I am certain of that his little hands are big enough 

to grab the cup,

A stool is placed to give him access to the sink.

He can pull and stretch and hold and drink.

And yet,

he sits, 

eyes closed, 

head back, 

voice raised in a peel of sound 

that echoes through our entire house: 

“MO-OM! Get me water! I’m thirsty!” 


I set aside my chosen task.

I pick up his water bottle,

4 feet from where he sits

and set it right beside his knee 

with a gentle tap on his shoulder:

“Here’s your water my love.” 


God, how often are my prayers

just like my child’s scream? 

Refusing to move

 head back 

eyes closed? 

“God give me what I want! 

I’m thirsty!”


We demand your living water 

make you come all the way to us 

and then we look up into your face, 

and what will we see there? 

Will we see frustration, resignation or irritation?

Will we see judgment or anger? 


What does he see when he looks at me? 

What do my eyes say about this ritual,

this interplay? 

This rhythm of provision 

of love 

each day? 


I look at you God 

delivering me the sustenance I need 

to make it through my day 

right to my knee.

Though it might be only an arms length away,

in my exhaustion 

you that I am unable to get up and walk 

just a few feet 

needing you to come to me. 


In your eyes I see 

tender mercy 

whole hearted love 

gentle kindness. 

I blink back tears. 


The next time I hear that voice raised, 

that plaintive cry, 

I pray that your spirit will fill me, 

that your footsteps will guide me, 

and that my eyes will shine like yours 

windows to eternal love.

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