A Prayer for Tired Mornings

mental health prayer Jan 24, 2022

God of darkness and slow sunrises

I am slow to rise

Warm in my bed, a sweet child interrupted my sleep:

“I’m ready to get up!”

Ready for the day to begin while I relished the night

Now I sit between two worlds

Half awake watching the dark sky for glimmers of light.


You too are slow. You are a God who shifts the tides, inch by inch,

You are the God of the sloth and the turtle and the slug, each moving at the holy pace you set forth and call good. 


I offer you my slowness this morning. I offer you this foggy brain, these droopy eyes, these heavy limbs.

In my stillness, rouse sparks of hope, 

In my exhaustion, feed seeds compassion

In my heavy head, cultivate the roots of humility and ready me to pray without ceasing.


As I watch for the sunrise to mark this new day, mark me as yours. 

Shine upon me in the darkness.

Even before the light comes, this day belongs. It belongs to you and to me.

My day begins in the darkness. 

The darkness belongs.

My darkness belongs to you.


God of darkness and slow sunrises,

Rise me, wholehearted, to meet your invitation to be alive today,

To seek hope today,

To be gentle today,

To face my darkness and my light with fierce love

In the sure knowledge that you are the God of both.


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