A prayer of gratitude for my antidepressant

mental health prayer spirituality Mar 05, 2022

God Almighty 

Master of the universe, 

You are the gravity that holds the moon in its orbit and holds me to this tiled floor before my medicine cabinet.


When you contained a mountain-moving faith in a mustard seed, could you see the seed I hold this morning, 

tiny, white, round, miraculous?



Depression warrior

Defined by what it is not, 

by the battle it wages.

Let’s define it by what it is:




I must walk 

but I do not have to walk alone. 


The skills and wisdom are all mine, 

the courage to show up, 

the grit to keep trying, all mine. 


This tiny, white, round pill reminds me

That I do not fight alone

I do not have to heal myself

I can trust

I can surrender



Like a child at her mother’s breast

I can rest. 


Every day I swallow this tiny white round pill and witness a modern miracle 

Water into wine

Thousands fed

One brain’s chemicals transformed

Depression to joy

Death to life


You are the divine healer, at work in my brain this very second,

Weaving healing in precise places,

Through the power of my antidepressant,

Your tool for healing. 

And so I look at this tiny, white, round, miraculous gift and see your face. 

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